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LogLogic at the Red River Basin Land and Water Summit

LogLogic showcased the Softrak 140 with the Cut and Collect system at the Red River Basin Land and Water International Summit and Conference January 17-19, 2023!

County commissioners, drainage district commissioners, state / province and county park managers, companies who maintain drainage ditches and so many more attended this summit! They came here to learn how to maintain water quality and find the easiest ways to remove phragmites and other invasive water plants before they fall over and decay in the surface water stream and contaminate this surface water with phosphates and nitrogen. People were amazed when they leaned about the possibilities and solutions that our Loglogic machines offered.

We had many people stop by our booth and discuss the possibility of using or hiring our Loglogic customer, Komb Ag, to clean out their ditches or marsh areas.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing machine, contact us.

Special guest:

Emma the Owl

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