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MidWest Ag Expo ~ 2023

Though a blizzard decided to blow through Wednesday morning as farmers made their way to Gordyville, there was still a great attendance with many interested in the wide variety of products offered by Falcon Equipment and Supply Company!

From interest in our brand new Bad Boy Tractors, to the built to last Bad Boy Mowers, we had many questions on where these products could be found. Luckily, we are just down the road from the famous Gordyville USA location ... in Ogden, Illinois! We let many spectators know that Bad Boy offers a wide range of mowers and tractors.

Aside from Tractors, there was a lot of interest in AGRICOVER Tarps, Landmaster UTVs, Kanga mini loaders and Dog Guard fencing, as well as FARMADA anhydrous bars and speed discs!

We were so happy to talk to so many new people about all of the different products we offer and hope to be seeing them all in our store soon!

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