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Fliegl has always called Upper Bavaria its home. After 15 years in Töging, Fliegl moved into its cutting-edge, 75 acre (30 ha) plant in Mühldorf am Inn in 2013. From here, the company supplies all of its sales and distribution sites with vehicles. This is where Fliegl plans, develops, designs and builds. It is what you would call 'the beating heart' of the company.

Over the last four decades, Fliegl has established itself as a global player – in no small part thanks to its many successful innovations. As the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural trailers, Fliegl exports to all continents.

With 22 sites in 15 countries, including 12 production locations, Fliegl boasts a broad global presence, allowing it to serve the world's markets in a rapid, uncomplicated fashion. In addition to the production sites in Germany, Hungary, Spain and Argentina, Fliegl also has sales offices in France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, USA and China.

FLIEGL uses state-of-the-art laser equipment for cutting tubes and profiles. The tube laser can accurately cut even complicated patterns and special sizes. That allows the production of custom made parts as well as mass production of components. The processed tubes and profiles can be up to 20 ft (6 m) long and weigh up to 4410 lbs (2,000 kg). The machine cuts the material fast and precise for a further handling in the manufacturing process.


The sheet laser is just as precise and reliable as the tube laser. This is used for metal sheets of up to 0.79 inch (20 mm) in thickness and can perform precise cuts of 78.75 inch x 157.5 inch (2,000 x 4,000 mm) sheets. Its automated loading and unloading system converts batches of up to 11023 lbs (5,000 kg) into component parts. These are subsequently welded into trailer- and machinery parts. With these new machines FLIEGL is able to optimize its manufacturing processes in the new Muehldorf facility in order to maximize its capacity and quality.

A centralized high rack warehouse improves the storage logistics of Fliegl Agrartechnik. It is 302 ft (92 m) long, 122 ft (37 m) wide and 89 ft (27 m) high. The system works independently, fully automatic and gives a better overview over access and availability of the components for the manufacturing process.

The warehouse management system runs through three rows of racks. It is responsible for the whole storing process. Two of these robots are used to handle euro pallets and iron-barred boxes.

The third handles the heavy duty pallets with material and components, e.g. axles of up to 4.5 tons. In addition, 8611 ft² (800 m²) of stock are also reserved for small parts. The tire storage has a capacity of 6,000 tires in all sizes. FLIEGL high rack storage is one of the largest in the area.

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