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Farm Progress Show 2021

These past years have been strange to say the least, but we were happy to be back at the Farm Progress Show this year! Farmada was the highlight of our booth, but we were happy to be sharing space with Linco-Precision LLC and ACI Agri-Cover!

Farmada team at the Farm Progress Show 2021

There were a lot less people visiting this year than what we remember in years past, but the discussions we had with those that stopped by the booth were much more in depth. We enjoyed explaining to the visitors about how our products would save them money in the long run and they were very happy to hear that.

This was the best weather I have ever enjoyed at Farm Progress! Jac Knoop

Agri-Cover Tarps
Matt and Tim ready to tell customers all about Agri-Cover tarps!

Farm Progress Show 2021 was still a great success, despite the lower attendance. Below are some drone shots showing one of the biggest outdoor shows in the US.

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