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A family owned, Kansas built 'by farmers, for farmers', business which values innovation and quality, Premier Tillage was seen as a necessity. This company sprang up in western Kansas wheat growing territory. It began in March 1985 when Darlene and Dan Chupp founded DC Welding in their garage in Quinter, Kansas. Dan started by hard surfacing stubble traders and grew to meet the demand for 'on farm' repair. Their business relocated several times as they expanded. By 1991 they needed enough space that they bough an old John Deere building at 200 Main Street in Quinter, Kansas. Today this building houses their paint booth and has been home base for many of the growing Premier Tillage family over the years.

In 2009 they expanded their services, adding refurbishing sweep plows. Initially, they braved the extremes of western Kansas weather while working outside. They were sure glad when their new facility was finished. They moved into their 10,800 square foot building at 301 Park Street next door to the existing facility in January 2012. The Park Street building is where they currently assemble plows. It is also home to a large inventory of parts and sophisticated manufacturing equipment. They would love to show you around sometime.

Darlene and Dan's oldest son, Justin, joined the family business in 2011 after moving back to Kansas from Pennsylvania. In 2012 their youngest son, Tyrel, also joined the business after graduating. Farming is a Chupp family business, but they have another story to tell, as well. Premier Tillage is a classic story of the American dream; we work hard together, build a successful business, and help other families reach their dreams while doing so! Premier Tillage products are built to last, and make the tough work of farming a little easier.


A Kansas built by farmers, for farmers, Premier Tillage sells new products and replacement parts for no-till and conventional tillers. They innovate superior designs to provide cost-effective solutions for weed and residue management with the flexibility to suit a variety of tillage methods. They believe in products that are built to last, offering superior performance and respect for your resources.

  Premier Tillage  




The Minimizer is the perfect investment for an environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible farmer! Every machine comes packed with revolutionary advancements and heavy duty parts to make this a plow that truly lasts. The Minimizer Plow is in a class of its own.

A new design leverages the best features of tried-and-true machines with a redesigned main frame that provides greater rigidity, less frame flexing, longer hinge wear, and greater balance in the field. Not to mention, the Minimizer provides the best levelness of any existing plow on the market.

A handful of the reasons why the Minimizer Plow crushes weeds – and the competition:

  • Our patent-pending rock shaft system improves weight distribution for shallower and more level ground working conditions

  • A 29-degree blade angle and thicker standard provides less flexing for higher ground speeds and greater vegetation kill

  • Firestone radial tires come standard

  • A longer, sturdier hitch with a redesigned center frame

  • Hydraulic picker lifts are standard issue

  • Front and rear hinge tubing designed for strength

  • Adjustable bolt for performance leveling to your exact specifications

  • Ground speeds of 7.5-9.5 mph


Stubble Treader

You will wonder what you did before you had the Premier Stubble Treader. This sturdy machine has a straightforward design and heavy duty parts, making it easy to use – for a lifetime.

We pack this machine with the features you want and support it with a lifetime (first owner) frame warranty, 5-year gang warranty, and 2-year bearing warranty. We believe in our products and want them to work hard in your fields for a long, long time.

  • Large, conservation-style picker wheels constructed of 1035 steel are strong and reliable

  • Optional hydraulic lifts and universal mounting give flexibility in the field

  • Hard surfacing at no extra charge

  • Kill herbicide-resistant weeds

  • Conservation soil preparation suitable for organic farming and other applications

Please contact us if you are interested in more information!

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