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Jeff Sberna of Bellevue, Ohio was looking for a chisel plow that was able to get deep into the ground while using the limited horsepower he had available. He had an Oliver 1855 and was not able to get the depth he wanted; he couldn't get his chisel plow into the ground and if he was able to get it in the ground, he couldn't pull it. This is how the search for an affordable chisel plow that operated on low horse power usage began.

After looking around the area agricultural equipment junkyards and different retired implements, Jeff decided to start building his own chisel. This is how the Chisel Ripper started to come together.


The Chisel Ripper is an efficient machine that crushes through soils from 13 - 15 inches deep while only using 20 - 25 horsepower! It has three independent coulter gangs which are spring-loaded. Gang bearings are grease fitted and heat resistant to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The rear shank assemblies have spring resets and a lifetime warranty from Bellota Agrisolutions. The Chisel Ripper can also be equipped with hydraulic gauge requiring 110-125 horsepower tractors.

There have been several articles written about Jeff Sberna and his FarmBuilt Chisel Ripper (click on the logo to view article):

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  FarmBuilt LLC  

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Chisel Ripper

What can the Chisel Ripper do for you:

  • Improve Yields

  • Retain Moisture

  • Strengthen Root Structure

  • Improve Drainage

  • Increase Fuel Efficiency

This implement is not only for small scale or hobby farmers but also hunters in preparation for food plots as well as gardeners with larger gardens. It is designed to use low horsepower and can be pulled behind your compact tractor. The Chisel Ripper is easy to maneuver in tight spaces and awkwardly shaped fields. 

The Chisel Ripper comers with a standard one-year manufacturers warrantee and all Belota Agrisolutions parts include a lifetime warrantee!

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Please contact us if you are interested in more information!

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