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Bristol was founded in 1973, in the city of São Jerônimo, Rio Grande do Sul Brazil, with the objective of developing solutions in attachments for chainsaws and hydraulic machinery, that assist field workers and building managers in their daily work; like drilling the wood using a drill, or digging holes with a posthole digger. Since our foundation, we have been recognized by the continuous launch of high quality products, developed according to the necessities of our customers and partners. Bristol is currently expanding its presence across the globe, now available through Falcon Equipment and Supply Company in the USA.


Bristol is a Brazilian manufacturer that has come up with an innovative way to create multiple uses for your chainsaw. You can use your personal chainsaw and turn it into a cut-off saw, small boat motor, posthole digger, string trimmer and more! Bristol has a wide array of products ranging from small chainsaw attachments to truck mounted drills. With more than 40 years of tradition, Bristol is a benchmark of high quality and security.

  BRISTOL Chainsaw Attachments  

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