Indoor pets can be trained in a variety of situations using gentle but powerful technology. The RT-2 Room Transmitter emits multiple signal strengths in two zones. Whether your pet tries enter into the first zone, they will be warned using a tone or one of the 32 programmable levels of stimulation. If they continue moving in the direction of the trouble area, they will receive a second, stronger stimulus as they approach the pet fence. Indoor dog fence collars come in multiple sizes, and we can help you choose the one that’s right for your pet. Also know that this is not exclusively an indoor dog fence; it is a very effective solution for cats as well!

Dog Guard - RT-2 Room Transmitter

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  • Single Dog Guard items will be shipped per UPS daily rates. Shipping will be billed separately. If you order a complete system, your items will be hand delivered upon installation of your new system.


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