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MAGIE 2021 ~ FARMADA premiers the Elixr66HDXL Super Flex

Booth 701 at the 2021 MAGIE show was the first place to see FARMADA's newest implement; the Elixr66HDXL Super Flex. What is so special about this anhydrous bar? An up and down Super Flex of 20 degrees, meaning 24 ft flex possibility!

Farmada anhydrous bar, farm implement, fertilizer bar
FARMADA Elixr66HDXL Super Flex

Farmers and co-ops gathered from across Illinois to speak to president and founder Daniel Rauchholz and put their hands on this machine. The show was very well attended and the attendees wanted to know everything about the newest anhydrous bar on the market!

The Elixr66HDXL is the flagship of the FARMADA lineup of machines. This 7 section, 24 row model has the most flex capability of any anhydrous tool bar on the market today. This implement is available completely assembled and equipped out of the factory. The FARMADA Elixr series comes standard with SureFire NH3 distribution equipment with an accuracy of less than 3% volume differential row to row. It has plugged row notification as well as stabilizer adding capability. Road lights and rear facing work lights and a tool box are other standard options.

For more information on this amazing piece of equipment, contact us! We are more than happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction when it comes to acquiring one of these machines for yourself.

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