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FALCON attends TSM's Field Day - 2020

August 18, 2020; what a wonderful day for a field day!

With FARMADA displaying the Elixr 66HD for the first time at TSM's field day this year we had all hands on deck to answer any questions that prospective customers may have had. Both Jac and Matt were available as well as the founder of FARMADA himself and a team from Linco Precision, LLC!

Daniel Rauchholz, founder of FARMADA was happy to have a place to display his Elixr 66HD.

"This was a well-organized field day which allowed local producers to finally get out and talk to various specialists." ~ Daniel Rauchholz

Interest came before the field day was officially opened and lasted throughout the day! We are very excited to see such interest in this unique implement and are sure that it will be a huge success, saving customers lots of money.

As anhydrous is the cheapest form of nitrogen for corn, we see a great future with this product. The possibilities are endless and being a new manufacturer FARMADA is able to build many more specialized products designed especially for the specific customer. FARMADA does serial production, but can also at low cost build individualized machines.

Breakfast and lunch were served as well as cold drinks while social distancing and safety was closely adhered to. Attendees were split in five groups and rotated between 5 stations:

GW Fuhr

Syngenta Seeds - Head of U.S. Branded Sales and Biofuel

Mark Mullen

District Sales Rep. Stoller USA - Plant Physiology, Nutrition & Hormone Technologies for Maximum Crop Yield

Larry Schonert

TSM Services, Inc - Soil Health and Fertility

Brandt Representative

Achieving full crop genetic potential


Josh Stoller

Precision Planting

Chad Ellis

AgProspects, LLC

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